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A mooring on the Qin Huai River
Updated::2013-01-09 17:12:15

Don Du Mu

The cold cigarette steamer water cage sand,
As I moor in the shadow of a river-tavern,
Where girls, with no thought of a perished Kingdom,
River Jude sing backyard flower ii.
[ Abstract ]
Du Mu ( 803~ 805 years ), the word herd, number of Fan Chuan, Jingzhao million years ( now Shaanxi province in Xi'an city). Born in the generation of bureaucratic landlord family. Twenty-six years in the examination, Hirofumi Museum School Book for Lang. Later, in addition to do ten years in place on the staff, in yellow, pool, mu, lake state had prickles, was also in the central office to supervise the censor, catering department, department and division of work than Yuanwai Lang level, finally Scheeren books. Author Fan Chuan. " ".
Du Mu is a famous poet in late Tang dynasty. The youth of the world by its state, have ambition, hibing Shu read, for people to identify upright, ills. Later, because of involved in the struggle between Niu and Li 's political maelstrom, so that his political views without rotating exhibition, finally falling decadent pleasures, sultriest life inside.
Du Mu in literature, advocate the result, emphasize the main content, the form is complementary, promote chastity having substance in speech, style of writing; opposed to moan and groan without being ill, one-sided pursuit of form. In the pursuit of Fuli softness of the literary world, he advocated " the height that, not Wu Qili", with bold and generous elegant, elegant unique twist kurtosis. His poem and person are very successful, while the person is concise, natural, many famous descendants have told. Because of his poetry high achievements, future generations to Du Fu and he is mentioned, called " Du ", or Li Shangyin, called " Li Bai ". Although Du Mu wrote some progress poems, but also has written many negative and decadent fun, low work, these contain the dregs of the poetry, which should be paid attention, to give the criticism.
[ C ]
The Qinhuai River is the capital of Nanking and the bustling night mooring boat, poet River, across the river came to the " backyard flower " song, listen to this sentimental music, can arouse a sense of times and, after the two to know only syndrome syndrome, buy laugh song dance by Huan, and not in a calendar view as reference ruler, to give deep condemnation. The poetry scene, misty view and the poet heart faint sad very harmonious unity.
①cage: shrouded. Smoke floating in the water, the moonlight in the sand, so with all the " cage ".
II business women: the showgirl. Backyard flower: " Yushu backyard flower ", it is the Song Dynasty, the last emperor of the Chen Dynasty of Chen Shubao's works, is a reflection of the demoralizing tune court dissolute life. After Chen main daily with minions of binge drinking, concubines, political corruption, finally destroyed by the Sui dynasty.
[ English ]
Misty smoke hung over the trees, small Delta White Sands on the silver moon,
At night I lay on the banks of the Qinhuai River, near where the restaurant is.
Business women do not know what is the subjugation of hate,
Across the river is the " backyard flower " sound of singing.
[ of ]
This is a song for the scene moved, by writing at night Qinhuai what one sees and hears feelings, exposing the Tang rulers indulgence in sensual pleasures, befuddled decadent life. On both sides of the Qinhuai River period is the flourishing ground, is rich, powerful poet poet sultriness, pursue pleasure. The poet acronym for Qinhuai, in the vast expanse of misty month, scene of debauchery in his sight, hearing her song Yan Song, can be moved by what one sees, in domestic die thinking on history, the aria and thinking of reality closely, from Chen's dissolute country associate river moon the fate. The whole poem artistic conception of combining emotion with scenery, sadness, feelings of deep veiled language, appropriate exercise, Shen Deqian called " Swan song ".

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