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Pool boat melon continent
Updated::2013-01-09 17:11:51

Jingkou web between a water,
Only a few heavy mountain Zijin Mountain.
Spring breeze and the South Bank of the green river,
When the moon as I have.
[ Abstract ]
Wang Anshi ( 1021-1086 ), Northern Song Dynasty outstanding politicians, Linchuan (now Jiangxi Fuzhou city) people. Song Renzong Jinshi examinations, later two times before the prime minister. After Wang Anshi was in power, actively implementing the new law, restrictions on large bureaucratic, landlords and usurers, big business interests, to increase national income, enhance national defence power, in the historical conditions at the time it has progressive significance. He was due to its large landowners, firmly opposed, the last defeat, Wang Anshi was also forced to resign, died in Nanjing on 1086. He is one of 8 Tang and Song Dynasty, poetry and prose are famous. His poetic style bold, language refined, commonly used in poetry prose syntax.
①: boat ashore.
The melon continent: in the north shore of the Yangtze River, south of Yangzhou City, and Jingkou relative.
③Jingkou: in the southern bank of Yangtze River, now Jiangsu province Zhenjiang city.
The Zijin Mountain: now the Nanjing purple mountain.
The number of layers of heavy.
The green: This is here used as a verb, adjective, " blow green .".
⑦when : when.
[ English ]
Jingkou and melon continent across the water,
From the Nanjing is only a few layers of mountain.
The spring breeze is blown green river south bank,
Moon, when I return?
[ of ]
The first person on scene moved, through to the spring scenery depiction, performance poet 's Government helplessness and eager desire to return to Jiangning. The first two sentences about North travel. The poet to the capital, but back in Jiangning, rather than to the complex psychological performance. After the two king wrote to heart, both reform to bring their own comfort, also have early retire after winning merit. The poet in Jiangnan, the earth a green, this is the spring breeze green, but the green seedlings is not young law reform measures have effect? But officialdom are signs of danger appearing everywhere, the poet looked at this as the Guazhou ferry, also according to Zijin Mountain moon, issued a " when the moon as I " sigh with regret, the poet is to leave the right and wrong of officialdom, very well. This first poem not only lyric by King, love in a scene, and the narrative is also interesting, bourn, fresh style. The indulge in elaborating on or rhetorical exercise. According to Mai " RongZhaiSuiBi " said: " the spring breeze Green River Nanan " one manuscript " initial cloud ' and to the river south bank ', ' to ' word, around the note said: ' bad '. Changed to ' over ', multiple laps to go instead of ' into ', instead of ' full ' rotation, where such as ten betroth a girl, was as a ' green ' ". It reached a " dead " dull remarks ". In fact, the poet not only in selecting words, but also in the refined meaning, this is in accordance with the situation of poetry.

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