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Don't cloud
Updated::2013-01-09 17:10:58

Three years of detention passengers, and today the southern crown.
Infinite mountains and rivers of tears, who said the world is wide!
Close to home, known, not difficult.
Yi soul return day, spirit flag sky watch.
[ Abstract ]
Summer Wanchun, formerly known as complex, ancient words, called Ling Xu, Songjiang Huating ( now Shanghai Songjiang county ) people. Was born in the year 1631 ( Si Zong Ming Chongzhen four years ), died in the year 1647 ( Qing Dynasty Shunzhi four years ). The boy had the hero, the famous poet. Nine years of good Cifu literature, wit, a child prodigy known. Its poetry or generous tragic, or desolate pathos, " such as the ape sound, such as cuckoo crow " (thank Meiru language ), full of strong national consciousness. Author of " summer " and " Han jade fan Tong word ".
1 " the clouds ", namely today Shanghai Songjiang, is the author of home. Shunzhi four years ( 1647), where he was arrested. In the hometown of attachment, poetry writing he had failed on grief and indignation will never change even unto death determination.
2 " three years " : the author since the Shunzhi two years ( in 1645 ), fought against Qing Dynasty, went to Taihu and the surrounding area, to the Shunzhi four years ( 1647), a total of three years.
3 " South crown ", with the spring clock story.
4 " Yi soul " two sentences: is dead, will still help.
5 " Ling flag ", emperor of South Vietnam as a prayer, too, as the spirit flag. Here it refers to the banner of Ming dynasty.
[ translation]
Three years of the Qing west east walks around, today 's defeat as prisoners captured in a cell.
Infinite beautiful mountains and rivers of tears fall hurt, who dare say that heaven is broad and wide.
Already know spring road phase approximation, to really try think of hometown.
Ghost spirit until the return on that day, the spirit will land at home under the flag.
[ of ]
In 1645, Natsu Jun ( at age 15) from the parent Yun Yi, Chen Zilong of division of Songjiang revolted in Ming dynasty. Defeat, his father died in Songtang Yun Yi from. Summer Wanchun and Chen Zilong continue to adhere to the principle of resistance. In 1646 Xia Wanchun and Chen Zilong, money from drinking blood, and advance the industry, petitioned the king ( Zhu Yihai ), the king granted Scheeren books away, Taihu Wu Yi military staff. At this time Nanjing had fallen, in the the Xia Wanchun still has to destroy the enemy, the restoration of the Ming Dynasty 's determination. To Ming Dynasty, the upper and lower form have the same enemy and hatred. Shortly after the defeat, Wu Yi is executed, exiled summer Wanchun alone, hidden, to help activities. 1647 ( Shunzhi four years ) summer, Natsu Jun was awarded the king Yao Scheeren books. And table Shane, for the Qing Dynasty found, arrested. Be handed over to Nanjing, Natsu Jun to be firm and inflexible, the tenacious struggle, in accepting the renegade fall clear original Ming bingbushangshu Prince Edward Taibao Hong Chengchou trial, take the irony is that, as in " way to combine with asperity denounced the court traitor, national scum, Hong Chengchou flush with shame, disgrace. Prison in Nanjing, summer Wanchun to Tim Sheng 's wrote a letter to my mother in prison " swan song ", on the one hand, saxaul family, earnest exhortations, reveals to the family attachment is not love, hand will see up on love, not later heir mind, said to " take revenge on the afterlife ", reflected take death calmly. Eventually the unyielding died, only 17 years old.
" Don't " is the author of the cloud was arrested, sent to Nanjing before parting in Songjiang by. Shanghai Songjiang County, known as the clouds, is the author's home. The author in this poem hand hold this to Shisibuqu determination, on the other hand, is a home, showing infinite attachment and deep sigh.
The first narrative poems. The " on " the poet from the father of Yun Yi, Chen Zilong raised an Army division had to fall three this years after wandering, an extremely hard and bitter struggle of life had made highly concise summary. The poet pen autobiography fought against Qing Dynasty experienced, seemed to calm the, then chewed, since can be read poet intense tumbling emotional waves, since can be read in quiet narrative with a poet full of bitterness and endless grief.
Maxillary joint writing poet be filled with grief and indignation. Body falling opponent trapped ending, the poet recovery aspirations blighted, Zionist ideal be frustrated, and the poet: " infinite grief and tears, who said the world wide? " Daming Jiangshan be reduced to fragments, see evidence of people's distress everywhere, every dilapidated, in the face of all this, the poet could not help " as twilight tear lines ", not as " unlimited land tears flow ". The poet has been hoping the Ming Dynasty stage a comeback, can eventually be down on one's luck, life is full of frustrations, restore native, reforming land patriotic ambition and lost, he couldn't help deeply disappointed and sad, could not help but to God sends "who made the world wide " questions and criticism.
Cervical cross-linked nudity on home, relatives of the reluctant to part. No matter how the disappointment, grief and mourning, the poet finally on his own life ending is very clear: " known road near ". Life is about to end, the poet should want something for nothing? " To stop home to poet ", why is it difficult to stop home? Originally, counselled him not only hate, but both families have gone through. Father of the uprising defeat, die for one's country. And he was the only boy, the body fell an opponent, since be fraught with grim possibilities, inevitable death, this home, unfortunately, no heirs. Mindful of his long-running outside, not filial to the parent, which Tim " supporting track in Buddhism, " mother " parasitic on other surname ", himself a " not dependent, not to die with asked ", read and let a wife at home alone keep two years, their failure to make for her husband 's responsibility and obligation the wife has been pregnant, whether still can make nothing of it. Think of all this, the heart of the poet with the family of natural feeling and infinite attachment.
Recovery of tail. Although the hometown of soul difficult to stop, but the poet will restore ambition in love, not in the home to read their minds heirs, eventually: " Yi soul returns, spirit flag sky watch. " As the poet in " a letter to my mother in prison " expressed in the " twenty years later, Chun and first loyalty is to the North cork ". " Road near known poet of" calm " Yi " to return to Japan ", to Shisibuqu, resolutely fuming determination, had failed to accomplish, after death to personally see successor rate of uprising, the recovery of Ming dynasty. Poems with landing sound clank oath as nodes, clearly shows the poet be and unyielding fighting spirit, the pure heart to serve one's country loyally, successor to soulful encouragement, give readers to establish a state and national interests above all the immortal monument.
The poem is fluent and clear thinking, emotional ups and heroic. An extremely hard and bitter pen falling career, bear pen hair native decay, broken of grief Lament Lyric missed homeland, pen, miss one affectionately, writing: Chi recovery determination. Heroic poetry style generous, it is time to very touching, bouncing on the strong national consciousness of the young heroes with deep respect.

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