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Bie Dongda
Updated::2013-01-09 17:09:33

Thousands of miles of the Yellow cloud day,
The north wind blowing snow in succession of geese.
Where there's friend,
Who in this world does not recognize you.
[ Abstract ]
Gao Shi, born in a version, died in seven six five years, the word Duff, word Zhong Wu, Bohai ( now Hebei Jingxian County) people Tiao. Tianbao eight years ( seven four nine years ) Fengqiu Wei, soon quit, passenger travel west. The Jiedushi Gosuha Jian Xiao Cao left guard army, secretary in charge. An-shih rebellion, or a censor 's righteousness, dr.. Shitoku two years ( seven five seven years ), as the Huainan jiedushi. After Ren Shu, Peng two states Cishi, moved to Chengdu Yin, Jiannanchun Jiedushi nishikawa. Officer eventually left San Qi Chang Shi, a Bohai County hou. There is often a set of " high " handed down. He was a famous poet of Tang frontier fortress poem, and his eponymous, and called " high cen ".
Dong:①is about Dong Tinglan, a famous musician. The original poem, a total of two songs, this is the first song.
② " miles " two words mean: a thousand miles yellow clouds cover the sun was dim; the volume of snow off the south wild goose. The ( x ūn ): it was the yellow.
③" Mo " two words mean: don't worry at the front of the road without friends, the person of the world who do not know you dong ah!
[ English ]
Stretch as far as eye can see yellow clouds get sunlight fell, the north wind, the sound, in succession, snow. Don't worry about the road ahead was clear bosom friend, the person of the world who do not understand the stunt Dong you!
[ of ]
" Don't know " two songs, of which this is the first song. The poem and Tianbao six years ( 747), then Gao Shi in sui. This poem to open up a fresh outlook, the poet was frustrated Dong Tinglan not to be discouraged, as long as there is to get social recognition, in the future on the road of life will meet bosom friend. The words used today is where gold can flash. " A thousand miles yellow cloud day the north wind blowing snow goose, have ", written off. A thousand miles yellow cloud, daylight dim, north wind geese, snow. In this loneliness and the grand background, the poet friends farewell. Departure imminent, two situation of parting, are acrobatic Dong Tinglan still in the harsh climate conditions around, the poet himself is a set, the two can be said to be freemasonry. Most people in this case only regret, there is no heroic utterance, but the poet is writing a turn, " where there's friends, who in this world does not recognize you, " don't worry the front road without friends, such as you have talent, people around the world who don't know? This is the friend comforts and exhortation, in the cold wind blowing undoubtedly a warm spring, to a friend to warm, make friends on. Dong Tinglan in the string has the very deep attainments, Cui Jue had to exclaim: " seven strings on the fifth cold, this art salon has difficult. But always pity Henan real law, Dong Tinglan. " Dong Tinglan will find a bosom friend. These two are very open-minded, and Wang Bo's " sea memory confidant, Tianya Zorpia " have different approaches but equally satisfactory results is clever. This poem is written in straightforward style of writing to express the true feelings without friends, sad, only the bold, especially at the end of the two sentence can be inspiring, still people indulge in elaborating on.

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