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A song of white snow in farewell to field-clerk Wu going home
Updated::2013-01-09 17:08:39

The north wind rolls the white grasses and breaks them; and the eighth-month snow across the tartar sky.
Come like one night spring breeze suddenly, thousands of pear tree blooms.
Scattered into the bead curtain, curtain of wet, warm fox-fur robe brocade quilt thin.
The general may not control the angle of the arch, but with the cold hard armor.
Desert Langan Baizhang ice⑥, miserable and gloomy atmosphere in coagulation.
But the wine flavor of returnees from, Pipa and bamboo flute.
In twilight snow¸⑧, button flag frozen over in the wind.
Luntai east gate to send you to go with, when the snow all over the sky mountain.
And then he disappears at the turn of the pass, leaving behind him only hoof-prints.
[ Abstract ]
Cen ( about 715~ 770 ) poet in the Tang dynasty. Origin Nanyang (now Henan ), he moved to Jiangling ( this is Hubei). Grandfather, great-uncle Cenwenben Cen Changqian, uncle Cen Xi are sometimes caused by a prime minister. Father Cen explants, Shi to Jinzhou governor. His father died around the age of 10, are increasingly weary. He study hard, reading of Scripture and history. At the age of 20 to Changan, offering book Qiushi into, around Beijing Luo, in fall. Tianbao three years ( 744), the board examination, granted the right internal rate of Cao army soldier. And the former was " feeling old Fu ", the family became personal frustrations for and. Tianbao eight years, filling an town Gao Xianzhi Jiedushi Shogun palm secretary, first thing, with his great aspiration, want to develop in his future, but is not proud. Tianbao ten years, back to Changan, and Du Fu, Gao Shi and other amusement, edify. For thirteen years, and with an Jiedushi Fengchangqing northwest court magistrate, once again out of the country, observing the situation more, frontier fortress poem works mostly in the. An arbitrary history, his return to the east Wang, Du Fu recommended him for the right supplementary. As a result of " frequency seal, refers to the right mix " ( " Cen Jiazhou anthology " Du is ordered ), Qianyuan two years ( 759) became the living toneri. Dissatisfaction on January, relegation Guo governor history. After the prince as Ren, Yu Department, library doctor, for the local governor, so called " Cen jiazhou ". Dismissed from office, east to fail, as " guest " since his move north of the. In Chengdu hostel.
①pear: bloom in the spring, flowers white, here a metaphor snowflake plot in the branches of the tree, like a pear.
The bead curtain: the beads with the hanging curtain. Roy: Silk tent tent. This saying snow flying into the bead curtain, curtain, wet.
③brocade quilt ( J īn ) thin: cover gorgeous brocade quilt also think thin. The weather is very cold.
The angle of the arch: decorated with horn bow. Control: open. This is because it is too cold, general all pull not bow.
⑤: wear.
The desert: desert. It said the desert everywhere with very thick ice.
The Hu Qin brothers were in western ethnic musical instruments. It said that when the drinking played music.
⑧¸: barracks door, temporary use of the frame, so that.
⑨frozen not turnover: Flag by the wind to the direction of a blow, give a person with frozen.
⑩ Luntai: Tang Luntai in present-day the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region County of Miquan, and Chinese Luntai are not in the same place.
[ translation]
The wind swept the desert in Northern Cyprus, blows the tough white grass, such as on the fall of. In August, there will be snow world blanket. As if suddenly one night spring breeze blows, thousands of pear tree in bloom. Snowflakes falling, wet curtain bead, icing in curtain company. Fox fur to felt warm, brocade bedding also feel weak. General animal horn also froze hard bow pull not open, but hard to wear armor armor. The mighty desert everywhere freely Baizhang giant ice, dismal gloom stagnation, as if down the sky. " Handsome placed under the feast, Wu judge to turn off the huqin, Pipa Jing, with the bamboo flute, and dance. Drifting profusely and disorderly Twilight snow fall on the camp gate, the dance of red flag, this time also freeze is condensed, become a stationary hongyun. In Luntai east gate to send home leave, the durian snow has covered the Tianshan road. The mountain loop turn, never to see you. The snow above the left there is a row of a horse 's hoof.
[ of ]
The poem writing beyond the farewell, army out of love, but it jumped out of the sorrow of parting don't hate them, do not be sad, but full of fantasy, romantic ideal and strong poems, make people feel beyond the snow seems to be the object of appreciation can be played. " Come like one night spring breeze suddenly, thousands of pear tree blooms in spring snow ", metaphor, analogy, and new ideas of odd, metaphor contains a vast and beautiful like, but between the lines and revealed vigorous rich boundless spring. " Have a lower gate, wind stopper red moving over the snow outside ", as the background of the red point, and more snow gain by contrast. It is cold on the screen a little warm, a warmth, but also make the picture more vivid. The whole poem to snow germinal, and snow and farewell two, connotation is rich, distinctive artistic conception, with strong artistic infectivity; including " come like one night spring breeze suddenly, thousands of pear tree blooms " is being famous famous.

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